Dubai Plans More Hotels for Tourists

Dubai Plans More Hotels for TouristsDubai is well known for its luxury hotels and as a famous tourist destination. The Burj al Arab, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Atlantis in the palm island all are perfectly built to provide luxury at its best.

But Dubai won't stop at that, building hotels now at the greatest speed than any other city, which is putting stress on the rates and the occupancy which are among one of the highest globally. According to STR Global, which is an industry researcher, there are 14,385 rooms being constructed and will augment the supply by almost one fifth of the current availability.

In an interview, Philip Wooller, Middle East and Africa director of STR Global said "There is concern around Dubai that we won't see the same high rates as before. But there is a bigger picture here and Dubai's room rates need to soften to keep people coming and to allow the market to evolve."

The city authorities enthusiastic on the growth have plans to approximately double the number of rooms by 2020.

The new rooms that are under construction are part of the total of 25,949 which are planned, Right now around 75,000 are available, according to data from STR Global.