Greece Buys Time Till Sunday for the Final Summit

Greece Buys Time Till Sunday for the Final Summit The Greek financial problems headed nowhere and the Greek Prime minister failed to come up with any detailed bailout proposal as the eurozone leaders met on Tuesday.

The leaders of the eurozone expressed their anger and frustration but agreed to give Alexis Tsipras a last chance during the Tuesday's meeting to come up with a final proposal that shows some feasible options how to save his struggling country from a financial devastation.

The leaders halfhearted agreed to extend the timeline for the Greek Prime Minister and fixed Sunday as the final day for the deadline. They said it could provide an opportunity to both the sides and could be a way to avoid the financial collapse of the euro member nation that's struggling to keep itself afloat with heavy debt from international creditors.

Donald Tusk, the European Union President said nineteen of the eurozone leaders agreed to allow Tsipras to get a final chance to keep Greece from a total collapse by coming up with a viable plan that will fetch some aid from the allies who share the single currency.

He added further, "I have to say it loud and clear the final deadline ends this week."

Francois Hollande , the President of France said  that it was no longer a problem that concerned only Greece and its people.

He said, "It's not just the problem of Greece - it's the future of the European Union."