Report Says Budget Cuts Take its Toll on Customer Service at IRS

Report Says Budget Cuts Take its Toll on Customer Service at IRSIRS was struggling hard to recover from the budget cuts when the security breach hit its customers with identity theft threats. By the time the taxpayers were settling down there came the new set of requirements under health care law backed by President Barack Obama.

On Wednesday, a report was issued by the National Taxpayer Advocate, which is an independent office inside IRS which said that the budget cuts in the past years have weakened IRS's customer services. This year, almost1.6 million tax refund applications were blocked by the IRS on identity theft concerns. The number was greater than double as compared to last year.

However, approximately one third of those refunds proved to be genuine. It only cost time and trouble as, for long durations through the busy tax season most of the taxpayers could not get through to the IRS help line. Only ten percent callers were able to connect, with many facing "courtesy disconnects".

According to the report, only thirty seven percent of the callers could reach the IRS lines when they wanted to talk to a person in the agency. That is the lowest rate in the last ten years said the report.