First Ever ‘Malaria Vaccine’ Gets approval from European Drug Regulators

First Ever ‘Malaria Vaccine’ Gets approval from European Drug RegulatorsMalaria, the life threatening disease mostly affecting people in African and Asian countries just might become less threatening.

The drug regulators in Europe have approved the very first malaria vaccine in the world. Reportedly, 'Mosquirix', as the vaccine is called has been developed by GlaxoSmithKline.

Malaria is parasitic infection that affects humans and is caused by mosquito bites. The Plasmodium falciparum parasite is responsible for malaria and heads to the blood stream of the affected person after multiplying in the liver.

Dr Ripley Ballou, who heads the research at GSK vaccines, has been working on the vaccine for last thirty years. For him it was a really significant moment.

Although the drug maker has not announced any price for the vaccine so far but has said that it will not make profits from it.

The World Health Organization has not yet decided whether the treatment can be given to the children. It has been particularly designed to fight malaria infection among the African children, where the disease runs rampant but will not be licensed for travelers.

Bill Gates, is known to have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars in the developmental process of this revolutionary vaccine for the disease that often turns fatal.