Airbnb Launches in South Africa Plans to Accelerate Growth Rapidly

Airbnb Launches in South Africa Plans to Accelerate Growth RapidlyOn Tuesday, Airbnb the hospitality company officially launched itself in South Africa announcing plans of accelerated growth in its biggest market in the entire continent.

Airbnb, is a fast growing community-driven hospitality business with its online marketplace allowing travelers to find people in different destinations who are willing to provide accommodation to the guests for a certain fee.

Brian Chesky, Airbnb's chief executive said, "South Africa is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country, with so much to offer visitors."

Airbnb named Nicola D'Elia, as the company's general manager for Africa as well as Middle East.

Some statistics data keeping a tab on the number of people who used the services of Airbnb for the last one year showed that there has been an overwhelming increase by257 percent. Even there was a great increase in usage by South African travelers as Airbnb's services availed by the travelers boosted 163 percent.

Founded in 2008, Airbnb was launched in San Francisco. Currently there are 1.5 million or more homes that are available for booking through Airbnb all over the globe and data says that forty five million people have used its services globally.