State Planner Says China’s Economy Indicating Move towards Stability

On Monday, the top state planner of China said that the country's usage of power, property sector, train freight have shown some improvement since last month which indicates a stabilizing economy.

On its website, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said that it hopes that the country's economy will carry on growing at a steady pace to meet the annual growth goal of the government. The economy is being fed with supportive policies which include debt swaps by the local government, rate cuts and stimulus for the real estate markets all of it is expected to show their effect in the coming few months.

According to the economic planner China's output in electricity for August increased 2.5% as compared to one year earlier. The housing prices all over the nation increased 0.15% year on year in August which is the first rise noted after the ten declining months.

For China, this year has been a dreaded economic span, as it headed for the slowest economic expansion noted in the last twenty five years. The countries mainland markets slumped forty percent since middle of June which impacted economies globally sending financial markets worldwide into a tailspin.