NSPCA obtains Warrant from a South African Court to Prevent Cruelty to Animals During Game Hunt

Hunting, though legal in some regions of the world is utterly a cruel act towards animals. Whereas some are bent on killing some organizations try their best to stop it.

On Monday, NSPCA, the South African animal rights group said that it has obtained a warrant from a South African court that gives it the right to bring charges against organizers who perform cruelty to animals during a large game hunt that will an event organized for a week. These game hunts see a huge number of animals die and many of them get injured to die a slow and painful death later. The animal protection group said that already animals like gemsbuck, warthogs, wildebeest and impalas have been killed during the hunt. It is scheduled on a private reserve that is located in the Limpopo region.

The method of hunting is criticized by many as it involves tracking the beasts and driving them in the direction where hunters often wait on specially made platforms.

On its Facebook page, the National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in South Africa said, "Our team has successfully obtained a warrant to gain access to the farms for the next four days. Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to stop the hunt."