More than One Million Boxes of Cheerios Recalled by General Mills

More than One Million Boxes of Cheerios Recalled by General MillsReportedly, more than one million boxes of Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios have been recalled. The boxes are being recalled as approximately 1.8 million boxes of cereals were labeled as gluten-free but they actually contained wheat. These boxes of cereals were produced in a factory at Lodi, California.

General Mills had introduced the option of gluten-free earlier in the current year when the company discovered some of taking out tiny amounts of wheat, barley and rye. Reportedly, in July five different gluten-free flavors started to be shipped out by the company. The company is pulling out more than millions of boxes from hoes, stores and warehouses, that according to Ken Goldman, an analyst with JPMorgan Chase affects only about one percent of the company headquartered in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

According to him, more than the monetary losses, the company is worried about the customers' trust.

He said, "Our biggest concern is over reputational risk because the new gluten-free Cheerios just launched."

According to the report, the customers who are affected can contact the company to get a new box of cereal or a complete refund. The cereals which were made elsewhere and not in Lodi plant are not being recalled.