Netflix Looking for New Avenues to Attract Younger Audience

Netflix Looking for New Avenues to Attract Younger AudienceSoon, Netflix could be your preferred destination for news documentaries that are trending and edgy. The company is getting ready to binge on Narcos.

Ted Sarandos, the head of content for Netflix said today in a video call conference, that the company is considering its documentaries to be a major tool for experimenting new ideas that also aims to capture the younger audiences.

With its new move plans, Netflix could eventually draw away the viewers from its key competitors like HBO, which caters to younger viewers with programs that are news-oriented like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Netflix is well known for "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black" which are its original shows. In another instance Netflix Inc. reported its addition of U.S subscribers for the third-quarter that was less than the company's forecast. It blamed the miss to the transition to chip-based cards.

At the day's close Netflix shares dropped almost fifteen percent but later climbed back to trade 2.4 percent below.

October 1 was the deadline for the US debit and credit card companies to switch to chip-enabled cards to avoid transaction frauds.

The older cards with customers work no longer and the switch means that Netflix, the switch meant that many of the older cards on its file no longer worked leading to "involuntary churn" as Reed Hastings, the company's Chief Executive puts it.