Alibaba Puts in Effort to Remain Off the US blacklist for Counterfeits

Alibaba Puts in Effort to Remain Off the US blacklist for CounterfeitsAlibaba Group Holding Ltd, the e-commerce giant from China is trying to stay off the blacklist of the US Trade Representative after facing renewed pressure over suspected fakes that are being sold on its shopping platforms in the current year.

The online retail platform could face a blow die to the re-inclusion to the USTR's annual list of the most "notorious markets" in the world for sale of pirated and fake goods. May be it would not result in direct penalties but it's shares could face a blow and could ruin the company's efforts to drop its perceptions that the sites is a haven for fakes and the anti-piracy policies are not enough to counter it.

Two of Alibaba's sites, Alibaba. com and Taobao Marketplace were on the list of "Notorious Markets" of USTR from 2008. In 2011, Alibaba. com was removed from the list and Taobao followed suit in 2012. The platforms promised to work with right holders and clean up the site.

The USTR called for public input on September 10, as it plans to formulate its recent list which is expected to follow in the coming months.