Mosebenzi Zwane says South Africa’s Mining Industry is Moving Forward

Mosebenzi Zwane says South Africa’s Mining Industry is Moving ForwardOn Friday, Mosebenzi Zwane, South Africa's Mineral Resources Minister held his first meeting with the Mining Industry Growth Development and Employment Task Team. (MIGDETT).

Zwane addressed the stake holders of MIGDETT and acknowledged the present crisis in the country. He said the ministry will try to resolve matters with the students protesting currently over the fee hikes.

He said, "It would be amiss of us to sit here and pretend that the #FeesMustFall march is not happening." He added, "It is imperative that we engage and see how we can assist in this regard. We will thus be knocking on your doors, as we encourage those who already have solutions to come forward."

He also spoke about the significance of raising the funding amount for education and skills development related to the sector.

The gathering of stakeholders included representatives from organized business and organized labor. He addressed issues related to the future of the mining industry in the country. According to him, he along with his department is committed towards "moving the South African mining industry forward".

He also mentioned that his approach will be an open-door policy with the stakeholders. He assured that at times of troubles his ministry will not hesitate to step in and make sure that the problems are resolved.