South Africa Reels Under Drought Conditions; Crop Production Affected

South Africa Reels Under Drought Conditions; Crop Production AffectedThe drought in South Africa is tightening its grip as the country records one of the driest rainy seasons. The water supplies are depleting and people are facing shortage throughout the nation. Almost scarcity is affecting almost 2.7 million households. The rural areas are facing the most difficulties as the residents require collecting water and carrying them in buckets once in a day.

With the persisting drought in the nation, South Africa has declared five out of nine provinces drought disaster affected areas for agriculture. Without proper rainfall, the crop yield is low which has a major impact on the food supply. Senzeni Zokwana, SA's agriculture minister said that the average maize yield marked the lowest in seven years since 2008. The country failed to produce sufficient maize to export to Botswana and Swaziland, its neighbors.

The prices are expected to rise and Zokwana says, in case the drought continues there could be a regional disaster not limited to the country. During the El Nino years South Africa usually suffers drought situations. The El Nino event occurs approximately once in two to seven years and causes natural warming of the surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean. The alteration in the temperature change over the ocean causes dramatic effects on the weather globally bringing incessant rainfall somewhere and prolonged phases of dry spell in the others.