Rates in the Solar Market Spark Battle in the Industry

Solar-Market-FloridaThe number of solar installations on the roof tops in California are much more in number than many other states.

However, the state along with many others in the solar industry and utility companies are debating over the issue regarding how much money the customers using solar panels should be permitted to save.

This month, a report released by the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center said that officials in twenty four states have recently brought in changes or are in the process of changing the rate structures for their solar customers.

Several of the battles of this kind reflect the same which is happening in California. State utilities like Southern California Edison say homes as well as businesses that use solar panels require paying more.

The reason for these battles to spark now is the quick growth of the solar industry as the price of the rooftop solar installations drop.

The growth no doubt has helped in reducing carbon emissions which is the main culprit for global warming but according to clean energy advocates it has unnerved the utility industry with worries regarding the long-term ability to make money.