Nikkei Japan Witnessed Steepest Dip since January 2009

NikkeiFollowing the decrease in the holdings of riskier assets by the investors, Japan's Nikkei recorded the sharpest dip in more than a year on Friday.

The reason is the lessening interest of investors in the in holding risked assets resulted from the equities on the intensifying anxiety regarding the lack of oneness in the euro zone on the debt crisis.

This is because of the weak policy coordination in Europe and also the uncertainties that prevail regarding the Germany euro zone market.

And the investors are not willing to take any risks as they want to wait for stability in market.

According to Masaru Hamasaki, a senior strategist at Toyota Asset Management the deepening worries regarding the debt and the possibility that the debt might harm global financial system are the things that are forcing investors to sell Japanese stocks.

Hamasaki also opined that this poses a serious threat to the Japanese market and can hurt it even more than the loss that Japan will have to face in economic risks. He also stated that investors presently are interested in cash.

Nikkei witnessed the biggest decline since January 2009 i. e., 6.5%. The benchmark Nikkei .N225 ended Friday dipped 2.5% at 9,784.54. The broader Topix declined 2.1% to 879.69.