Boeing Co. Delivered Record Number of Commercial Aeroplanes in 2015

Boeing Co. Delivered Record Number of Commercial Aeroplanes in 2015Boeing Co., the Chicago, Illinois based manufacturer of airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets and satellites said on Thursday, it delivered record number of commercial aeroplanes in 2015.

The company says it delivered 762 jets in 2015 which is thirty nine more as compared to 2014's deliveries.

According to a report of the company, the net orders it got were for 768 jets which is valued at $112.4 billion. However, the amount of net orders dropped forty six percent in 2015 from 2014.

In 2014 Boeing received 1,432 orders. The unfilled orders remained steady at 5,795 planes for the company's books.

Ray Conner, president and CEO Boeing Commercial Airplanes said in a news release, "We had a solid year of orders in 2015, maintaining a strong, balanced backlog that will help ensure a steady stream of deliveries for years to come."

On Thursday, stocks of Boeing dropped 4.2 percent closing at $132.98 at the end of the trading day. Boeing's biggest rival, France based Airbus is expected to announce its deliveries and orders for 2015, on Tuesday.

Boeing will announce its earnings for the fourth-quarter on January 27.