Study Suggests Self-driving Cars are Safer than Human Driven Cars

Self self-driving car is now a close reality but the question still lingers, how safe are they?

The automated vehicle technology is gaining popularity no doubt and according to some tech experts those will arrive on the global roads sooner than expected. Gaining popularity is one thing and reality is anther, will they really be safer on roads compared to the traditional cars?

A Virginia Tech study took a dig into the idea. A report of a recent study commissioned by Google and carried out by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute says that automated vehicles have lesser chance of crashes than human driven cars. The study took its data from Google's Self-Driving Car program and other studies which examined the driving habits of humans.

The research mentioned, "Current data suggest that self-driving cars may have low rates of more-severe crashes, when compared to national rates or to rates from naturalistic data sets."

However, the researchers say that there was a requirement of further studies before it could be actually said for sure that driverless cars are safer.

The study discovered that vehicles driven by humans had 4.2 severe crashes per million miles in comparison to3.2 severe crashes per million miles in driverless cars.