Covered California Warns People without Health Insurance They May Have to Pay Heavy Tax Penalty

Californians who do not have health insurance might have to pay heavy penalty, reminds Covered California.

To avoid a big tax bills, Californians should start exploring options and look for health coverage and sign up for what is suitable for them.

According to the estimates of the health insurance exchange of the state, there are almost 400,000 people who are at risk of paying a penalty in 2017. That's the tax year for the 2016 as they have not yet opted for health plan for this year.

It's time for the Californian's to act fast if they want to avoid a penalty as the deadline for Covered California's open enrolment in 2016 is January 31.

Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California the minimum penalty for a family with four members will come to $2,000 and the maximum could be close to $10,000. Lee said, "Someone that decides to go without health insurance, it's not just on them. Because everyday people are showing up in California's hospitals without health insurance and we are all paying the bills."

People, who do not have health coverage for 2015 tax year, will have to pay a penalty, when they file their returns in coming months. The minimum could be $325 but that depends on different factors like level of income and the number of family members.