Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust urged to fix 'Sewage smell' issue

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, a mental health trust facility, has been urged to fix the troubling 'sewage smell' problem at the facility.

The trust has faced criticism after it failed to fix a leaky roof and this has now led to smell of sewage in a bedroom of the facility. The facility was rated "requires improvement" by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and it is being urged to fix the issues. The CQC has raised concerns about the quality of risk assessments, staff training and long waiting lists for some services.

On the other hand, the investigators rated 10 services as good and one as outstanding, out of the total 15 services offered. The report highlighted other improvements needed for services to be safe and effective including a lack of basic life support training for administrative and reception staff. The inspectors praised trust's "very effective out of hours provision for young people who may be in crisis" and its work with other agencies.A trust spokesman has said that it has been an unacceptable problem and the management has apologised to the patient affected.

Trust chief executive Stuart Bell said there were some "very positive messages" in the report. The vast majority of the areas for improvement were things we recognised and had plans in place to address."