Two mountain lion kittens found in Santa Monica Mountains

Two mountain lion kittens found in Santa Monica MountainsThe National Park Services announced on Thursday that two mountain lion kittens were found in a face den in a remote area of the Santa Monica Mountainsin Southern California.

They said that the kittens were born sometime December in the area. Officials have implanted both the kittens with trackers in order to be able to trace their movements. The birth of the male and female lion cubs has raised several questions relating to the parentage as well as risks of possibleinbreeding. The cubs have been affectionately named P-47 and P-46

Jeff Sikich, a biologist for Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in a statement, said, "We continue to see successful reproduction, which indicates that the quality of the natural habitat is high for such a relatively urbanized area. But these kittens have many challenges ahead of them, from evading other mountain lions, to crossing freeways, to dealing with exposure to rat poison."

The National Park service has undertaken the study of mountain lions in the region since 2002. They service is aiming to determine how they adopt and survive in fragmented and urban environments as freeways isolate the large swath of land from other habitats in the area.