Amazon’s hoverboard Customers Can Get a Full Refund Now

Hoverboards hit the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. In the past few months several fire accidents have been reported by users making these self balancing devices not so safe to ride.

Now, Amazon is offering a complete refund for hoverboards. Earlier in the week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said, it is investigation forty incidents. It is also examining thirteen manufacturing companies and distributors of hoverboards.

The CPSC has offered several safety tips to customers who may be dealing with some defective product and advised them to keep a fire extinguisher handy while riding a hoverboard and to charge their devices away from any combustible materials. Along with that the users were also warned to ride hoverboards with protective gears like helmets and pads and that too away from the road.

Hoverboards topped the list of holiday gifts this season but incidents of fire explosions on these smart boards or self- balancing boards, grabbed attention of the customers as well as the regulators soon.

Reportedly, most of the incidents with these exploding hoverboards rise from defective lithium ion batteries. These are unsteady enough to suddenly combust without sending any warning signals.