Sunday Midnight was the Deadline for Health Insurance Enrollees; People Remain Uninsured could Face Larger Penalties this Year

For the Californians the deadline to enroll for health insurance through Covered California was mid night Sunday. People who started the enrolment process but were not able to complete it will get time till Feb 6th to compete it.

According to the federal Affordable Care Act, most of the people require health insurance or would have to face a tax penalty. Launched in 2013 October, the health exchange managed by the state offers sliding-scale subsidies to people who have no access to health care coverage with employees and directs the people with lower income to Medi-Cal, which is the health program for the poor run by the state. This has brought down the number of uninsured residents in California by millions.

However, the deadline of Sunday is not meant for the low and no cost Medi-Cal insurance enrollment as these continues throughout the year through the website of Covered California.

It time for the Californians to get their insurance as 2016 will see increased amount of fines for the people who still remain uninsured with the minimum being $695 yearly.