Reportedly Chipotle’s E.coli Outbreak Could be Soon Declared Over

Sources say that the E. coli outbreak which affected fifty or more customers of Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is soon to be declared over. The government was investigating the matter but could not pin point which ingredient actually caused it. Last year, the outbreak affected customers in nine states.

The E. coli scare affected sales and the stock prices of the burrito chain since October last year, when it surfaced for the first time. The last of the reported case connected to the illness came more than two months back and now it's thought to be over.

Company executives have reassured customers' time and again of steps that have been taken to make food safety measures stricter at the food chain. They also assured that food poisoning outbreaks would not affect customers in the future.  Chipotle has stepped-up advertising campaigns and also increased direct outreach efforts through social media to reach the loyal customers and win them back.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says E. coli infected people most of the time do not develop symptoms immediately. It takes three to four days for symptoms to surface after they come in contact with the germ. The infection spreads through oral contact and with fecal matter.