Tesla’s Application for Dealership License in Michigan is being Reviewed by the Office of Secretary of State

Palo Alto based car maker Tesla has applied for a dealership license in Michigan. Now, that is a change for the electric car maker which sold its cars directly from its own showrooms countrywide till now, without getting into the dealership model.

In 2014, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill turning into a law which banned the direct sale of vehicles causing trouble for Tesla.

Tesla does not include any middleman while selling its cars which allows the company to control and streamline things for the customers avoiding the troubles of a normal dealership.
A Tesla spokesperson said, "Tesla is committed to being able to serve its customers in Michigan and is working with the legislature to accomplish that. The existing law in Michigan is very harmful to consumers. Tesla will take all appropriate steps to fix this broken situation."

The decision on Tesla's application could take months to be reviewed before a decision is taken. Fred Woodhams, a spokesman with the office of the Secretary of State in Michigan said, the agency handling dealership licenses is reviewing the application after it received more documents from the company.