Sleeping with mouth open can increase acidity level

Sleeping with mouth open can increase acidity levelAccording to a new research, sleeping with mouth open can result in an increased level of acidity and effect teeth health.

The researchers said that sleeping with moth open can make it as acidic as a person has after drinking a glass of orange juice. They warned that this can promote decay and weaken teeth. The mouth's acidity level is typically neutral at a pH of about 7.

Joanne Choi, apost-graduate student at the Otago University and colleagues studied 10 healthy volunteers with the help of a nose clip that made them breathe through their mouths. The participants also had a small device clipped to their teeth to measure acidity and temperature and then send the data to an external recorder.

The researchers found that the level of acidity increased gradually in everyone's mouths during sleep but the increase was higher when the participants were forced to breathe through their mouth. The average pH level during sleep with open mouth was measures at 6.6 but it reached 3.6, which is the same level recorded after drinking a fizzy drink or orange juice. The level is more acidic than the critical threshold of pH 5.5, when the tooth enamel starts to erode.

Ms Choi said, "This study is the first to continuously monitor intra-oral pH changes in healthy individuals over several days. Our findings support the idea that mouth-breathing may indeed be a causal factor for dental diseases such as enamel erosion and caries."