BMO Capital Markets gave “Outperform” Rating to Buffalo Wild Wings Stocks

BMO Capital Markets gave “Outperform” Rating to Buffalo Wild Wings Stocks Stocks of Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. (BWLD), the Minneapolis, Minnesota based company is being followed closely by the investors. It began the day at 154.41 touching the highest for the day at 154.94 before dropping to a level of
134.95. At the end of the day, the stock traded at 142.08.

On Saturday, in a report, BMO Capital Markets, the financial service provider restated their outperform rating for Buffalo Wild Wings shares. Currently, BMO Capital Markets has $190.00 target price on BWLD's stock.

There are a number of other reports for BWLD from other agencies. Credit Agricole lowered the company's shares to an underperform rating from buy rating on October 29th in a research note. In a research note on January 4th, Oppenheimer reiterated an outperform rating issuing a $200.00 price objective on BWLD shares. The shares got an upgraded view from KeyBanc on November 9th in a research note to an overweight rating from a sector weight rating setting a $175.00 price objective on the stock.

A number of brokerages have mentioned their earnings estimates for the stock along with expected future price ranges. The fifty day moving average of the stock is 153.88, based on technical features.