FAA says Drone Registration Numbers Surpass Manned Aircraft Figures

FAA says Drone Registration Numbers Surpass Manned Aircraft FiguresAccording to the Federal Aviation Administration, in the United States currently there are larger numbers of registered drone operators compared to registered aircrafts that are piloted by humans.

On Monday, Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator said last week the agency crossed the milestone when the registered drone numbers crossed 325,000, compared to 320,000 manned aircraft. The reason behind it, according to Huerta is that drone operators frequently own more than just one of those small unmanned aircrafts. Looking at the speed of registration for drones, Huerta said it shows that the government and the industry can work well together.

The huge number of drone registration also reflects the increasing popularity of these remote-controlled aircrafts. In the last few years, these unmanned flying machines have been flooding the airspace that already has a big traffic of passenger planes giving rise to concerns of possible midair collisions.
Last year towards the end of December, FAA officials launched the drone registration program which made it mandatory for the drone owners to register their unmanned aircrafts with the agency. It was aimed at tracking operators who infringe regulations that may lead to accidents along with assisting them to create a tradition of accountability by the drone owners.