For 2015, International Air Transport Association Reports Great Reduction in Numbers of Fatal Airline Accidents

The International Air Transport Association or IATA released its safety performance data on Monday for the commercial airline industry for 2015. The numbers reflected a big jump down in airline accidents compared to the previous year.

According to IATA's official website, four accidental air crashes led to136 deaths in 2015, compared to 641 deaths in the previous year. Crashes of Germanwings 9525 and Metrojet 9268 were not counted in the total fatalities of the year as the incidents were considered as deliberate acts of illegal intervention.

In total, greater than 3.5 billion passengers flew safely in 37.6 million flights all through 2015. There were only sixty eight accidents in all types of aircrafts and that is a decrease in number compared to 2014's seventy seven.

In 2015, there were only four fatal accidents that means just 6% of accidents lead to a death and it is a big reduction compared to the
19.6 percent five-year average. In another instance IATA warned that civilian drones are becoming a "real and growing threat" for commercial aviation safety. The aviation group called for stricter regulations, before serious accidents take place.

Tony Tyler, director-general of the International Air Transport Association, said on the eve of the Singapore Airshow, "They are here to stay. But we cannot allow them to be a hindrance or safety threat to commercial aviation."