Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan Faces Power Outage on Monday

An otherwise busy Grand Central Terminal saw reduced activity on Monday as the Manhattan train station faced a power outage due to a burst water pipeline. Businesses had to be closed in the lower level and passengers had to be escorted through the dark to exits that had light.

The outage took place at about nine in the morning and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said that passengers and employees were guided to the main floor from the dark lower level of the terminal. No disruption was caused to the service of the Metro-North commuter rail. There was not much disruption caused as it was already was on holiday schedule for the President's Day. However, some of the ticket machines went out of service and the riders had to buy tickets with cash on board without the extra surcharges which usually applies to such purchases.

The power outage also forced to close about hundred retail shops and restaurants in the terminal and the main hall lights flickered momentarily but later generators supplied these areas with backup electricity. Workers of the stores said that have been power outage before but for shorter time spans.