Tesco Looks Forward to Cut on Alcohol Sale

Tesco Looks Forward to Cut on Alcohol SaleSupermarket chain Tesco posts that it wants to witness cut on the sale of cheap alcohol during this Parliament.

In an article for The Daily Telegraph today, Sir Terry Leahy posted excessive alcohol consumption has posed as one of the most potential menace the country is facing.

His remarks emerged following the new coalition Government call of imposing a ban on supermarkets and off licenses from selling alcohol as a loss leader.

Tesco is revealed to have honored a promise by the coalition government to impose a ban on below-cost sales of alcohol in England and Wales.

The ban would prohibit supermarkets, not least Tesco, from selling alcohol for less than the cost price. Some supermarkets currently sell beer for the equivalent of a mere 17p a pint - less than the price of bottled water or milk.

Initially, the supermarket industry has annulled the minimum pricing scheme, considering it to be intrinsically uncompetitive that punishes retailers in a biased manner for the wider issue of excessive drinking.

A survey initiated by the supermarket posted that nearly 70 per cent believed that excessive drinking was one of the major potential issues facing the country - a figure which landed the company in frenzy.