Ismail Vadi Supports Metrorail’s Decision to Suspend Tran Services along Daveyton-Dunswart line

On Tuesday, Ismail Vadi, the Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport in South Africa said he supported the decision of Metrorail to stop train services along the Daveyton-Dunswart line. The action comes into swing in connection to recent violence sparked along the route, which revealed violence toward the drivers of the Metrorail trains.

Vadi said even if it means that the commuters along these routes will be affected but surely "the safety of our drivers and passengers comes first".

Vadi's support followed when he expressed concerns over "reports of violent behaviour, intimidation and incidents of physical attacks aimed at Metrorail train drivers and guards by small bands of thuggish commuters along the Daveyton-Dunswart rail line".

Vadi although expressed disappointment that such drastic action has to be taken but also mentioned that it was required and under the circumstances is quite understandable.

He warned that, if the unruly behaviour of stoning and torching trains along with assaulting train drivers continued, the Metrorail services will be suspended. He also appealed to the commuters to help the railway police to recognize and arrest the ruffian elements who were creating trouble.