FAA Says It has Found a New Device to Successfully Detect Drones and Locate their Controllers

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that have found a way to detect drones that fly close to airports. The device which they say could help in preventing future mid air collision also can find the controllers of the drones on the ground.

The fear of unmanned drones flying too close to commercial aircrafts and increasing the chances of accidents has worried pilots and the government agencies alike. This new development in this regard could prove to mark prevention of drone and plane collisions and also in integrating the unmanned aircrafts into the commercial airspace.

Last year, the fears of hobby drones getting sucked in by airplane engines and leading to havoc and fiery crashes were concerns that were often highlighted. By August 2015, FAA reported that the number of drones sighted by commercial pilots in the year had increased three times to 650.

In February, the FAA and CACI, a defense contractor, tested a new drone detection technology 'SkyTracker' at Atlantic City International Airport, which proved to be successful. The device follows the radio signals used by drones for connecting to their remote control flying machines. This in return will allow the authorities to trace the operator. In the time period between January 25 and February 2, the FAA has conducted 141 tests with flying drones as well as those on ground.