NHS development scheme to create "healthy towns"

NHS development scheme to create "healthy towns"The UK's health service has said that it is planning to create "healthy towns" under its NHS development scheme.

The NHS has already identified ten areas across the country to become "healthy towns" that are aimed at fighting obesity in the country. NHS England has developed plans to create new communities that will be focused on "healthy living". The health service will plan the new towns providing more than 76,000 homes across England.

The NHS will test the new towns to determine effective possible solutions to the country's growing obesity problem and also help people with dementia. The NHS is planning to test options like fast food-free zones near schools and creating appealing green spaces and creating "dementia-friendly" streets. The NHS said that it will bring together clinicians, designers and technology experts in order to determine how health and care can be delivered across these new communities in an effective manner.

NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens is expected to say, "The much-needed push to kick-start affordable housing across England creates a golden opportunity for the NHS to help promote health and keep people independent. As these new neighbourhoods and towns are built, we'll kick ourselves if in ten years time we look back having missed the opportunity to 'design out' the obesogenic environment, and 'design in' health and wellbeing."