Report Confirms Operator’s Fault for December 10, Runaway Train Incident

On December 10, a runaway train carrying about fifty passengers left the Braintree station rumbling through several stops before being brought to a halt by cutting out power to the rails. On Tuesday, a report released Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority said that the train operator was to be blamed for the incident.

The authorities say that the final report confirms the operator of the train tied a cord around the throttle and did not remember to put the emergency brake.

Included in the report was a statement from Vazquez which read, "At the time I was putting on my gloves with the mike cord on top of the cynister (sic) handle wedged ... It was operator error, my fault. The light was off in the cab I could not see the situation at hand. I forgot and misplaced what I had done after talking to the dispatcher."

According to the report, operator David Vazquez forgot to set the hand brake and remove the cord as he went out of the train to access the emergency bypass switch. Vazquez was fired by the MBTA after the incident. According to the report says that 25year, veteran motorman, Vazquez violated MBTA rules thirteen times earlier which also includes five safety violations.