The U.S. Department of Transportation Bans e-cigarettes on All Domestic and International Commercial Flights

The U. S. Department of Transportation announced on Wednesday, a rule that bans smoking electronic cigarettes on domestic as well as international flights from the United States.

With the ruling, a long lasting confusion is clear now. Earlier, the federal agency had signaled that smoking e-cigarettes would be included under the same ban which restricts flight passengers from smoking normal cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products like pipes on any commercial aircraft. However, there was a slight scope for doubt as it did not clearly mention e-cigarettes.

Anthony Foxx, the U. S. Transportation Secretary said he has submitted a final rule under which electronic cigarettes will be included under the same ban which restricts use of other tobacco products in flights.

In a statement Foxx said, "The department took a practical approach to eliminate any confusion between tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes by applying the same restrictions on both."

Most of the carriers had already banned smoking e-cigarettes in flight and rules by the U. S. Department of Transportation has also prohibited passengers from carrying them in their checked luggage as these might cause fire accidents.