Chief Financial Officer Reassured Investors that Yahoo is Seriously Considering all Options, Including Sale

Yahoo! Inc, which was once a dominant Internet company, is now struggling to make a comeback and it appears that it was not devoid of ideas but lacked vision.

The most recent option that the company is considering to revive itself is through selling its stake in Yahoo Japan Corp. along with its Web operations.

For years, Yahoo, with one billion or more monthly active users struggled to regain its significance and in the past month it announced that it is trimming fifteen percent of its workforce, which is close to 1,600 jobs.

Yahoo has considered several options starting from spinning off its stake in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., to finding a suitable buyer as investors and shareholders call for a change. In recent times, the company also tapped a group of advisers who are expected to figure out a way to rescue the company out of its troubles.

On Thursday, Ken Goldman, Yahoo's Chief Financial Officer reassured the investors that the company is serious regarding options like even a sales deal. The remarks from the executive came as complains from shareholders say that the sale process has not gained sufficient momentum.

In San Francisco, at a Morgan Stanley conference Goldman said, "It's more active than anyone can possibly believe."