Taco Bell and Del Taco Bolster their Breakfast Menu

Last year McDonald's tested its all-day breakfast menu which turned to be a great success in the U. S markets and that's motivating other food chains to try out the option.

Irvine, California based Taco Bell and Lake-Forest California based Del Taco, the fast food restaurant chains have come up with a new breakfast menu.

To win the heart of the Americans through their wallets, on Thursday Taco Bell announced its most recent move with a new $1 breakfast menu.

Breakfast food has been a new battle ground in the fast food industry of late but this company started experimenting actively in 2013. Its waffle taco, scrambled egg and sausage blend served in waffle turned out to be successful at some of the southern California locations. However, the new breakfast menu has some changes from the earlier one. Taco Bell's breakfast value menu has ten items which are each priced at $1 earlier there were only three.

Del Taco is introducing chorizo in its breakfast menu replacing the sausage patty. Del Taco's chorizo burritos will cost $3 to $4.

Fast food chains are exploring breakfast options quickly adding new menus, increasing the hours of availability to stay in competition in the sizzling market.