Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Proposes Fingerprint Based Test and Fees for Ride Sharing Services

At present, Hartsfield-Jackson International airport does not allow ride share pickups but the enforcement is spotty. Taking advantage of the slack supervision many drivers of Lyft and Uber X use the cell phone lot waiting for ride requests. However, the drivers of the expensive Uber Black limo service mostly have proper permits. Often confused, the passengers often land up being disappointed when they see that ride-share pickups are not allowed at the airport.

The airport has been working for many months to chalk out details about how to permit the pickups while keeping the security concerns at bay. The proposal laid out by the airport says that the drivers will require fingerprint-based background checks and would require paying certain fees.

Though Uber says running a fingerprint based test and paying will be a cumbersome and expensive process for its part-time drivers. Voicing an immediate objection to the overall plan, an Uber spokesperson said, "If this framework were to be implemented, it will be impossible for Uber to (operate)" at Hartsfield-Jackson. The spokesperson added that the proposal "would raise substantial barriers to the Uber driver partners".