General Mills, Maker of Cheerios to Start Labeling GMOs in Its Food Products

After the Campbell Soup Company announced it will label the GMO ingredients in its products, General Mills also followed the footsteps.

The more than a century old food company, General Mills, maker of Betty Crocker and Cheerios recently announced its GMO labeling plans. The cereal giant's announcement is surely seen as victory for food safety advocates and consumers who have been looking for the same so that consumers can make conscious decisions about what they eat.

A Vermont law effective from July 1 will require food companies to label their products for GMO ingredients. General Mills say it is difficult to pack products differently intended to be sold in different states. Other states might also follow similar steps in near future but there are several food companies who fear that GMO labeling will scare away customers and to avoid labeling their products they are changing the ingredients altogether.
Most food advocacy groups say that consumers have the right to know whether there are any genetically-modified ingredients present in the foods which they eat. Several polls show that approximately ninety percent of the Americans desire the GMOs to be labeled.