Down Syndrome awareness video featuring Olivia Wilde faces criticism

A new video featuring actress Olivia Wilde aimed at increasing awareness of about Down Syndrome is facing some criticism on the internet.

The video is challenging viewers to look beyond the visible disability of people with Down Syndrome and look for their full humanity and full potential. The video, which was released for World Down Syndrome Day this week, showcases Wilde as a 19-year-old college student from New Jersey, AnnaRose, who has Down Syndrome and as she sees herself.

The criticism said that the video focuses too much on Wilde and this has taken the focus away from the central message. Activists said that the video shows perfect images of the actresses and leaves behind disabilityand eliminates images of true inclusion, which is actually required to be shown. The video has also received mixed response on social media as some people questioned e's involvement.

The two minute video, titled How Do You See Me? Shows Wilde acting out a number of daily activities like working in a restaurant, laughing on a beach, crying in her bedroom, even eating pizza as Rubright narrates.“This is how I see myself. How do you see me?” she says in the video. Wilde teamed up with director Reed Morano for the PSA