Starbucks will Donate All of Its Unsold Food Items to Feed Hungry Americans

Reducing food wastage and feeding the Americans in need, is the latest focus of Starbucks.

The Seattle, Washington based coffee giant announced that it will donate its entire unsold perishable ready to eat meals to the hungry Americans partnering with food bank networks like Feeding America and Food Donation Connection.

It goes for a better cause and precious food is not tossed into the bins. The perishable food items that will go towards donation include pastries, sandwiches and salads.

Starbucks' new FoodShare program is expected to provide almost five million meals to hungry individuals and families in American in the first year. 100 percent of the unused food item from all 7,600 U.S. stores of Starbuck's will go towards the cause.

Howard Schultz, the company's CEO says extending the generosity from increasing the donation of leftover pastries to more number of perishable food items included certain amount of planning.

He said, "There are a lot of regulations, and I would say for the right reasons because the municipalities are just trying to make sure the food is safe to eat."