Fiat Chrysler Says Dealer’s Lawsuit is “Baseless”

Napleton Automotive Group filed a lawsuit in January against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV that alleges the auto maker of inflating the sales report for its new-vehicles. But the automaker lashed back saying the lawsuit is "baseless" and accused the Illinois car dealer of blaming the carmaker for its own shortcomings of not being able to meet the minimum car sale deadline.

On Thursday, Fiat Chrysler said the allegations from the car dealer came after Napleton's president; Edward Napleton was notified about one of his stores not being able to achieve the minimum required level of sales.

Fiat said, "Rather than attempting to correct its sales performance deficiencies, [plaintiffs] publicly smeared Fiat Chrysler with baseless accusations. All of the plaintiffs' claims are insufficient in numerous ways and should be dismissed." However, Napleton's suit says that the recent sales growth records of Fiat Chrysler was achieved by using "strong arm" tactics which got the dealers to give falsified sales reports benefitting the company by creating "the appearance that [Fiat Chrysler's] performance is better than, in reality, it actually is."

Napleton, runs Fiat Chrysler stores in Illinois and Florida and accused the car maker of giving financial reward to the dealers for giving false sales reports.

According to Mr. Napleton, Fiat offered his company $20,000 for untruly reporting sales of forty Fiat Chrysler vehicles which he rejected.