McDonald’s New Trademark Focuses on Simplicity

McDonald's once the most popular fast food giant is making great efforts to win back its reputation by making constant changes. The company is trying to adapt to different markets to win hearts of the consumers who had left for other food chains or were worried by several food safety related issued which surfaced last year.

McDonald's in recent months introduced its all-day breakfast and a loyalty program. They are even trying to bring in the traditional French pastries.

However, the latest in news is the iconic brand's push to simplify things. They are set to start with a short and sweet new slogan "The Simpler The Better".

Reportedly, on March 4, the U. S based food chain applied for the new logo but the food chain is keeping it away from the public eye keeping the 'simple' reason a secret.

One of the reasons behind it might be its complicated menu, which is putting pressure on its outlets with the introduction of the all day breakfast. Logically, the menu should be trimmed down at McDonald's keeping the popular choices right there.

Theories are many, but McDonald's intentions will only be known when things are put on the table.