Mississippi and Colorado’s Unemployment Rates Drop

In February, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Mississippi fell to 6.5 percent. That's a two tenth of a percentage point drop compared to January's rate of 6.7%. With the drop in unemployment rate, the number of working people in Mississippi scaled for straight twenty-one months with an increase of 8,400 to 1,220,000. It's the most number of jobs in Mississippi noted since June 2008.

The Labor Force consisting of everyone with a job and looking for a job; grew in February 2016 continuously for the nineteenth straight month. It rose by 6,500 to 1,305,500.

Mark Henry, Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security said, "Because employment continues to grow, more people are deciding to enter the job market. As those Mississippians get jobs, they will be able to make better lives for their families."

The unemployment rate in Colorado also dropped to its lowest in fifteen years. On Friday, the preliminary labor data released revealed that in February, the state added 2,500 non-farm payroll jobs with jobless rate dropping to three percent. It had the fourth-lowest rate of unemployment in the nation which has an average rate steadily held at 4.9 percent.