Climate Change Activists Get Airport Closed for 20 Minutes

Manchester-AirportSix climate change activists infringed security and surrounded a jet at Manchester Airport, leading to shutting down of the airport for almost 20 minutes.

The activists brought all the operations at the airport to a halt after they cut through perimeter fencing at around 7.30 a. m.

They went across the airfield to the Monarch Airlines plane and formed a human circle all around the undercarriage of the non-moving plane, by using arm tube lock-ons.

Six flights had to be diverted to other airports while this short close down was in action. The protesters were from the Manchester Plane Stupid group.

The recent decision regarding expansion of the airport boundary that would lead to the demolition of historic homes on Hasty Lane is what compelled these activists to protest this way.

Lisa Jameson from Manchester Plane Stupid stated that this is not just about the expansion that the airport has been planning to carry out but the increasing carbon emissions.

This is more so about challenging a monetary scheme that is based on total illogicality of infinite development on a planet of finite resources, a plan that is prioritizes bails of the banks and then makes people shell out money for it through public service cuts.