Most Car Makers in the U.S Reported Strong Auto Sales in March

March turned out to be a good month for the major automakers as they reported healthy sales gains in the United States. For the auto industry it was one of its best months in over ten years.

However, the bright numbers signal that the companies are putting in greater efforts to boost sales. Many of them have increased discounts on cars and are also selling greater number of cars to rental car companies keeping a lower profit margin.

A huge increase in sales was reported by Ford, Fiat Chrysler Honda and Nissan mainly driven by larger sales of SUVs and trucks. General Motors saw a slight sales increase as the company has been cutting back its sales to rental car companies. The car manufacturer said sales numbers to individual buyers increased six percent.

However, Toyota did not enjoy the sales gain numbers like the others with an almost three percent drop in sales. The reason behind it is mainly lesser number of car sales that could not be counterbalance growing number of SUV and truck sale. The company's car sales dropped about ten percent. For Volkswagen, still suffering from the effect of emission scandal, car sales dropped 10.4 percent.