Affordable ‘Private Jet Experience’ coming Soon with JetSuiteX Flights

Dream of private jet air travel? Well it might soon be within your reach. JetSuite, the private jet charter company based in California is launching a new option for some fliers who want to book flights in the West.

The company is testing a new option by scheduling passenger service on selected western routes. The company which started flying passengers in 2009 is set to debut a public charter service under its "JetSuiteX" brand.

The company has already made a name for itself as a "value" operator looking at further business plans for an upscale but regularly scheduled service with fares starting at minimum $109 and maximum $300 one-way.

The services will start from April 19 on weekends between Burbank Airport in Los Angeles and Contra Costa Country airport close to San Francisco. Tickets will be sold starting from this week.

Another weekend service from San Francisco to Las Vegas will begin on April 22. The company plans to add several other gateways next year.

Travelling by these services will mean freedom from the generally crowded airport terminals and long TSA lines as the company will use those terminals which are usually reserved for private air travel at all the airports.