Missouri House Voted to Pass Legal Measure Aiming to Regulate Ride Hailing Companies

Recently, the Missouri House voted to pass a legal measure that aims at regulating the ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft. The House vote of 115-34 sends the bill to the Senate for making it into a law.

As per the legislation, the companies would need to run background checks on drivers and make sure their vehicles are insured. They also have to make certain that drivers provide riders with fare estimates. Uber and Lyft say most of these steps have been already taken.

Uber has been supportive of these measures and said it will help in creating thousands of jobs. Uber said it would increase its services to Springfield in case the law passes.

Critics said that, the bill passed by Missouri House is not tough enough. It would need background checks on drivers along with no-tolerance policy on alcohol and drug policy during times when they are working.

The bill would require the companies to pay $5,000 yearly charges and also would ban added local requirements of those companies which include license requirements and excuse them from most of the local taxes.