Facebook to announce chatbots and Live Chat options at F8 conference

It is widely believed that social networking giant, Facebook will announce tools for the development of chat-bots and Live Chat Web related technologies for businesses at the F8 conference in San Francisco next week.

Several sources and a leaked Facebook document showed that the company is planning to offer these technologies as part of its Messenger service and release API tools for developers during the upcoming event next week.Chatbots are chat robots that use artificial intelligence and human communication to hold conversations and perform tasks for users.

Facebook is one of the firms that has realised the huge potential of chatbots and Live Chat and is working to make it available to enterprise users. Most businesses do not have the capability, resources or technical skills to build chatbots themselves. Some believe that Chatbots could replace 1-800 numbers and Facebook is also aiming to integrate it with its Messenger.

The company already has a directory of approved marketing partners that allows businesses to find technology and service providers that offer services relating to ads, content, measurement and community management. However, it does not offer tools that offer services relating to messaging. The new tools will address the issue as the company is aiming to connect businesses with Messenger developers in early stages and find an official partner in the coming times. The tools will allow businesses to create systems for interacting with customers via automated chatbot responses.

Facebook has not officially announced the service but it is widely expected to discuss the tools at the upcoming conference.