Mitel’s Acquisition of Polycom More than Just a Deal

On Friday, Ottawa, Canada based Mitel, that helps businesses and mobile carriers connect, announced that it is buying Polycom.

Mitel's acquisition deal for Polycom is a combination of shares and cash at a twenty two percent premium to the "pre-hyped" value of San Jose, California based Polycom.

The acquisition will most probably be completed in the Q3. It will give Mitel a revenue source of $2.5 billion. Polycom will continue under its brand name and will operate as a division of Mitel. The company's CEO Rich McBee has a vision of transforming Miteland this acquisition in a lot of ways translates into his intentions of turning Mitel from a mid-market telephony vendor into a company which can benefit from the major transformations in the market with collaborations, global footprint, mobility and cloud.

In the communication and collaboration industry, Cisco and Microsoft have their own places and those are very big companies with a strong financial backing. The other players, most of which are traditional telecom vendors include Avaya, NEC, Unify and Mitel.

The combination of Mitel's traditional communications platforms and Polycom video services will create a completely integrated solution. Mitel, as a communications and collaboration platform vendor will in fact have some major advantages over its likes.