US President Barak Obama visits Saudi Arabia

US President Barak Obama visits Saudi ArabiaUS President Barak Obama is on a visit to the Islamic kingdom of Saudi Arabia amid a wave of Islamophobia related incidences in the America.

In a recent case, a college student spoke to his family on a Southwest Airlines flight about a United Nations event in Arabic and the airlines decided to kick him out of the plane. Observers said that it is the sixth case in the United States this year in which a Muslim was ejected from a flight. The instances of Islamophobia also exists in the political system with Donald Trump calling for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country and Ted Cruz suggestingspecial patrols of Muslim neighborhoods.

Experts have said that there are instances of intolerance and extremism within the Islamic world including in Saudi Arabia. The visit by the US president at these uncertain times might be a breath of fresh air in international relations and help shun some misconceptions. There are some differences in the difficult relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia and there is a huge uproar about the missing pages that might have indications that Saudi officials might have had a hand in the 9/11 attacks.

Philip Zelikow of the 9/11 Commission has confirmed that Saudi government or senior officials were not involved in any way in financing the plot. However, the controversy continues and the Saudi government has warned of consequences in terms of financial relations.

The visit is expected to ease some tensions on the matter.